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Experience history, exhibitions and interact with mythical creatures in virtual reality

how it works?

Imagine stepping into a digital world where you can explore and experience historical sites, museums and exhibitions using just your computer, VR headset, or mobile device. It’s like being transported in a whole new reality, where you can walk around, interact with objects and learn in an immersive environment. Our technology and tools make it possible for everyone, regardless of location, to virtually step out of time and space, creating an exciting and the most accurate experience.

visit virtual museums and exhibitions

learn about history in the most exciting and immersive way

Experience history world wide from the comfort of your home

walk trough the sites that used to exist a long time ago

re-live history and historical events in virtual reality

„Travel“ back in time from the comfort of your home

experience old dungeons and Mythical creatures

Watch theseus DEFEAT minotaur or DEFEAT him yourself in VR

JUST imagine a world and leave the rest to us

pc / VR / Smartphone / cross – platform entertAINMENT

Both games and story driven interactive experience

we revolutionize the way you experience ancient places, historical sites an much more

…and It’s just the beggining

Take a look at our explainer video

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